Dawning of New Galaxy

There was a new planet found in the vicinity of our solar system.  Astronomers have found it and it is the closest planet that has ever been found outside of our galaxy.  The planet has been described as extremely close to its sun with a surface temperature of 2,192 degrees Fahrenheit.  Lead astronomers dismiss the planet, saying that there is no possible way that they planet hosts any types of life, because the surface temperature to sustain life is way too hot.  However, seeing as though the astronomers have never been there, how could they possible know how this new universe works?  How do they know the temperatures of sustenance of a race of beings, specifically if they have adapted to live in their own environment?  Listen things don't always work like they do on Earth in on other planets, let alone other planetary systems.  Thus, their hypothesis might have been a smart one based on humanistic facts, but rather they have no way of knowing for certain.  One, it is too far away to even travel to at our current space-transportation speeds.  Two, the surface of the planet is too hot for HUMAN sustenance.

There are supernatural exceptions to everything, which are always covered up or kept secret.  I'm not saying our government has already visited this planet.  What I'm saying is that they need to catch up.  When word of this new planet surfaced on Earth, I immediately contact Raviniska.  When she came, she laughed dismissing the non-possibility of life forms by human standards as arrogant and saying the humans have such small minds.  She then held my hand.  Her powers allowed me to astrally travel to the planet.  Raviniska informed me that she has been there plenty of times.  The planet is hot, yes.  However, this works to the benefit of the beings who inhabit the place, not the demise.  They are white light beings.  They  exist in forms, with no particular shape, being able to shift is shape and size at their own convenience.  There is no physical communication, as they are all part of the same existence, while at the same time, being their own individual existence.  They are all connected telepathically, so communication is done this way.  They can transfer words and emotions and expressions and other feeling through their network of white light.

Their white light also serves as a mediator to their existence.  It is the sustenance of the very planet they live on.  While planets in the Milky way are solid or gaseous, this planet is made up entirely of light and no other matter, thus the beings have to conform to the white light.  They are able to control the white light energy.  The can bend and manipulate it to create whatever powers and sub-energies are needed that are pertinent to their survival. They do have families like we do and social structure.  I know I kind of made them sound like light-sucking amoebas, but they are very, VERY complex white light beings, who choose to live in full white light form.  They could take bodies if they chose to, but they want to remain free and uninhibited!!

Long story short, I was able to bring back one and item that contains a sampling of the white light from the newly discovered planet.  It also contains a white light being that will be your energy and power intermediary.  You will be able to use this piece to bend the white light energies of another universe.  You will be able to create new, fresh powers.  You can use this piece to create whatever power you can think of in your mind.  As you advance in your journey, you will be able to comprehend more, meaning this versatile power will continue to bend to suit your needs as you evolve personally and as an entity with your soul!

This piece is very powerful, evolutionary, extra-terrestrial piece!  It will provide a complete renovation to your soul archetype as you know it by bringing you the powers of an extremely advance being to increase the powers of your as-it-stands punitive, human brain!! 

Dawning of  New Galaxy
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