Deadwood Supernatural Wealth

In 1876 Seth Bullock moved to Deadwood, South Dakota.  He would build a hotel that would become extremely successful and profitable for years to come, up to and including this day.  The hotel, which still carries Mr. Bullock's name is still in full swing and operation today.  Although Mr. Bullock passed in 1919, he has by no means left his territory as he is still there to this day.  He appears to residents and staff alike.  What is even stranger is that he still seems to want to uphold the best quality service as possible... albeit in his afterlife.  There have been reports of rattling tables and shaking glasses as well as lights being turned on and off when the staff at the hotel slacks off or is doing something that Mr. Bullock would not have approved of.  Although he's been dead for nearly 100 years, Seth is still very much alive and his souls seems to strive on the successfulness of his hotel.  

After hearing this story we sent one of our staff out to do an undercover investigation, during which she was able to conjure the souls of Seth Bullock.  During the conjuring she was given a message from Seth Bullock.  His message was that he is still watching and he sees what goes on-- not just at his hotel, but in society in general.  He said that too many people have become lazy and want to mooch and sponge off of other people's work while those who are actually working go unnoticed and are under appreciated.  However, all this is about to change for the one lucky person who gets this piece.  This is an extreme luck and wealth piece.  It was given to us by Seth Bullock during the conjuring of his presence in Deadwood.  It is a combination of white light soul energy from Seth Bullocks's soul form, combined with wealth power that followed Seth into the afterlife.  

The way Seth described it is after you have crossed over into the light, your spirit exists in true form, but some of your characteristics also follow you in spirit form.  They are little bubbles of energy that are attached to your soul that you can really do whatever with.  He has chosen to put his wealth energy that has followed him in this piece with components of white light soul energy.  What this will do for you is transform your life.  It will give you luck and opportunities that will lead you to an abundance of money and wealth... you won't have to put in any extra work.  Just keep doing what you are doing and wear the item and it will be activated and start working.  

The wealth in this piece will come in all forms-- promotions and raises at work, bonuses, lottery earnings, secret inheritance, etc.  Maybe it will even allow you to find a bag of money at the side of the road.  I could have kept this piece for myself, because it is very lucrative and very, very powerful.  However, I am a huge believer in karma and I don't really need it coming back to bite me in the ass.  That's why this one is for sale.  Buy it up now, because it's going to be the best wealth item you will have come across.
Deadwood Supernatural Wealth
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