Debi's Invaded Encounter

Debi's Invaded Encounter

Her encounter noted by Debi Lynn...."He wore a reddish checker shirt with what looked like a long john shirt underneath. He stood next to the bed, still and unmoving. I stood alone and couldn’t move, all I could do was stare at an apparition of a man." 
"Fifteen minutes later, extreme fear welled up inside of me as I swayed between the edges of insanity and sanity." 
A one time encounter of this magnitude will change any person forever. It can shake the faith of the most solid Christian.

The evil force she encountered was there to damage her soul --- eat away at her spirit and obscure the life she knew.

She worked with Ministers and holy relics to fortify her degraded life -- and then contacted us, after nothing was helping.

We had a piece imparted directy for her from Liliana that granted her peace and serentity. The evil force was blown away and she no longer had to fear for her life.

She gained peace and serenity through an item that was imparted, just like this one.

This will help you if you are in need of clearance from a dark entity that is affecting your life, holding you back and squandering your soul~

Debi's Invaded Encounter
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