Decorating Sense

Decorating Sense

Do you go into people's homes and find yourself drawn to the beauty? Do you wonder how they were able to put so many pieces together to make it look nice?

Some people have a talent for decorating and finding things that go together well, while others live in homes with bare walls!

The attribute of a talented indivdual is aroused by a potency of energy that is submerged in the front lobal area of the brain. This is within all of us, but many of us have a blockage that normally occurs around age 2. This blockage is formulated through routine elements, such as the same songs being sang to us, the repetition of learning letters and words, etc.

Now repetition is key to advancing knowledge, but it can be the detrement to the talent sphincter, if utilized too much at an early age.

This piece will impart the acquisition to implode the blockage that is within the talent area and this will unveil to you a whole new creative side. This not only will bring forth decorating abilities, but will make you a good painter, better dancer and just have a strong creative mind -- you will be buzzing with great ideas and concepts -- this can help you out in many different areas of life!!


Testers showcased advancements at their jobs because of the enrichment blessings that were granted to them through this piece. The creative outlets that conceptualized within their minds got 2 of our testers promotions!!


Awesome piece!!


Decorating Sense
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