Demeaned Demetrius

Demeaned Demetrius 

This item holds the spirit of a Geryon Vampire named Demetrius.... he respects family, loyalty, and friendship very highly. He earns trust, and he expects the same in return. 

Demetrius is not a submissive being in nature, neither overly dominant, he tries to be at balance, however each can easily tip if such is necessary/depending on the situation at hand. I will submit to rules and leadership, if in return I am given good reason and fair treatment. He is not a lapdog to be reigned over and pushed around, loyalty is earned, akin to respect and gratitude, as well as trust. 

If he trusts you, it's highly unlikely he will ever break such a bond, as he chooses those that he trusts wisely. He enjoys helping our community by conversating with skeptics, and those neutral to our culture. Demetrius has previously spoken to people, and guided them towards our community to learn more. He also is currently trying to help two possible vampires through an awakening process, however, of course, only they can truly tell if they are indeed of our nature. 

He is noted to simply have a hand in the darkness, one that won't dissapear if help is needed, and a shoulder to lean on for support. Try and abuse what he will give you, however, and use him as your personal "slave", and that hand will let go, and leave you to plummet into the nothingness that is infinity. He has no sympathy for those who are hostile to him. None whatsoever~! 

A strong force in the vampire realm, he will help you find the essence of your calling and introduce you to the powers and secrets of the Geryon vampires.



Demeaned Demetrius
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