Demeter's Riches of the "Harvest"


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Harvesting Wealth

Using powers of the white craft, I was able to channel a very powerful existence into this item.  Grizzelle helped, because she is the expert when it comes to doing things like this.  This piece calls upon the ancient Goddess of the Harvest, whose name is Demeter. 

In ancient times, a person's wealth was determined by several things.  The first one of these things were weight, but that's neither here nor there.  The second thing a person could do to acquire wealth was store up livestock and crops.  SUch things were a sign wealth and favor with the gods, because they used their crops and livestock to barter. 

Then, in order to be considered wealth, one must have a good harvest season.  That is where Demeter comes in.  She is the God of Rhea and Cronus and is Goddess of the Harvest and of the Fields.  She determines what crops you bear, how much your family has to eat, how the weather affects your crops, how other things in the environment control your crops, and ultimately your wealth  and success. 

As a demonstration of just how powerful Demeter is, consider what she did when Hades kidnapped her daughter.  She threw the Earth into eternal winter, allowing no crops to grow until somebody helped her find her daughter, Persephone. 

Again, this emblem holds the spirit of Demeter.  She has been summoned to help you "harvest" your life.  She will come to you and bring you wealth in all areas of your life.  She will give you monetary wealth, familial wealth, business wealth, etc.  She will bring you success in all your endeavors be they business or educational or whatever.  She will also bring you a streak of good luck that will see you along your way to wealth.   This piece is very powerful.  The person who helped us test this item now has amassed a fortune to retire on!! 

Demeter's Riches of the "Harvest"
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