Designated Djinn

Designated Djinn

This is a remarkable item that we are ecstatic to have been able to get another one in!! This is an illusive parcel that will bring forth Elnen, a Djinn who will take your desires and surge your body with the power to make them come true!

Elnen is a specialized empowerer that knows all of the Universal demands, commands, strengths and weaknesses --- and thus will know the after affects of a wish that may be damaging, so will improvise what you truly think you want, with what you can handle and need!

He protects you from your own greed, while bettering your life and spirit.

With this piece you will simply place a piece of paper within the item with your desires and then leave it there for 4 days as it is energized with his spirit. You then you will take out the paper and bury it in your backyard and then fill the container with 2 tablespoons of water. You will want to touch the water with your pointer finger each morning and wipe it across your finger, until the water is fully gone -- this will only take a few days... then the transpired desire will be invoked to progress and prosper within your life!!

This is a magnificent piece ~

Designated Djinn
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