Direct Powers of the Holy Fire

Direct Powers of the Holy Fire<br /><br />

I received this piece from a friend of mine that used to work in the Vatican. He got sick and tired of some of the Catholic higher-ups and now he has converted to a non-Catholic denomination. Before he left, though he took this piece from a top secret vault that only the Pope and few other people know about. How in the world my friend ever found out about it is a mystery. He was a lower level official. Well, I believe in never looking a gift horse in the mouth, so-- whatever.<br /><br />

Anyway, he sent me this piece for a good reason. It holds the secrets behind the Ten Commandments, the Burning Bush, the whereabouts of the Arc of the Covenant, and even some classified information on the Holy Grail. It recounts the Crucifixion of Christ and gives account of the Second Coming of Christ. It gives meaning to the number 666, the New World Religion, the Rising of Babylon, and all other secrets that ever been overlooked by people that have fallen out of touch with the spirituality of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Those idiots at the Council of Trent have nothing on this piece!!<br /><br />

Anyway, this piece holds the exclusive knowledge and power of God. A lot of the items that we sell do, but this one is especially powerful. Why? Well, I thought you'd never ask. Actually, I knew it was coming so allow me to explain. <br /><br />

There is a secretive catacombs that exists under the floors and basements of Vatican City. Nobody knows about it. Well, let me amend this-- some of they higher-up Catholic yuppies know all about it. They are greedy, selfish bastards, because the keep the location and the powers that the Catacombs has to offer completely cover. They will not share the information with any parishioner who isn't a higher up and part of the council of yuppies. I'm not sure what the name is, but I know there is a council in control of the catacombs. <br /><br />

The catacomb itself is guarded by the fire of the Holy Spirit, which was instilled there by the direct descendents of Abraham, and it is these people and the people that these people allow to enter that have discretionary power of entering the catacombs. This makes it even more confusing about how my friend was allowed in there. Perhaps he is a direct descendent of Abraham. Anyway, he got this piece from a altar that was dedicated to Father Abraham. Anybody who knows anything about religion also knows that Abraham is the principal character in all three major world religions, those being Islam, Christianity/Catholicism, and Judaism.<br /><br />

This is crafted out of the metal working that adorned Abraham's original tomb. He is currently burried in the catacombs, although his grave has been plundered through the years. This is the only remaining relic that contains original parts from the Grave of Abraham. It has been divined by the Godhead of the Holy Trinity. It has seen the Face of God and has been baptized in the Divine Fire of the Holy Ghost. It will bring you all the abilities and powers associated with the Godhead and the divine white magic that they use to accomplish their tasks.<br /><br />

With that being said, this isn't a third party magic like a lot of other items tend to be when it comes to religious relics. This a direct magic that is going to merge itself with you inner being. You will then be on the same level as the God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. You will able to accomplish what you will. Evil will resist you . You will gain supreme control over all things. This piece is powerful... and I mean REALLY powerful. The metal was cast during an alchemical process by which ALL of the power that was infused in Abraham's original grave was forged into the new piece. <br /><br />

Now this piece is available for you. Take or leave it, but if you don't take it you are going to regret it. The choice is yours, but the option is there!! <br /><br />

Direct Powers of the Holy Fire
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