Divine Code 19

This is a real gold ring about a size 12 with a real diamond in the center and a black square that is a reflector of the Divine Code 19. Thanks for looking

Like the bible code that gives prophesy, the Qur'an gives a code for magic, healing and miracles usually only revealed to special MEN only. That is because they were the only ones that read or studied it. The men did not allow women to study even if God wanted them to.

This ring came from a very wealthy Saudi who was open minded enough to study in secret both the bible and the Qur'an. In doing so he realized that by putting them together you could grab code and that they both should be used together.

What this is about is in this divine code it opens up an angelic window for what is called the two witnesses. These are sent as messengers that help one person to become a divine. This is not meaning divine but to BECOME A DIVINE. Reaching this state will allow a divine to perform the miracles.

What are the miracles? They are the revival of the soul, curing depression to set the soul free. The soul is then peeled like an onion to reveal the code of God which is, you can do anything. You may heal, fix, do miracles yourself, heal the body using the souls mind. All of the mind is set free. Your natural talents are magnified to what the angels in heaven have, music poetry, healing all of it. This is a pure white light item and it will take some time getting used to. The reason for this is because your layers, your past lives, your curses your illness your mind limitations are all being pulled and peeled away. You can even use this on others but it will give them a slight chill and headache at first, and you may do it long distance too.

This item works harmoniously with other items of high white light and power, like the Moses Code ring, white light killing grounds and others like them. This is a very powerful item and should be used only by those on this path. This is one that will change the way you live because when you really have something that is that good, and the secret to the problems of the human soul have been found, you are a free being.

The code has finally been broken!

Below in quotations is an example of some of the research I have found regarding Code 19.

"The key to Muhammad's perpetual miracle is found in the very first verse of the Qur'an, `IN THE NAME OF GOD, MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL = BiSM ALLaH, AL-RaHMaN, AL-RaHIM'... "When we count the (capital) letters that make up the first Quranic verse, we find them 19. This is of course a physical fact. And, it was discovered that each word in this verse is mentioned throughout the Qur'an a number of times which is consistently a multiple of 19. The first word `ISM' is found...19 times; the second word, `ALLaH is mentioned 2,698 times, a multiple of 19 (19 X 142); the third word, `AL-RaHMaN ' is found in the Qur'an 57 times, (19 X 3); and the last word, `AL-RaHIM' is mentioned in the whole Qur'an 114 times, 6 multiples of 19."


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Divine Code 19
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