Divine Grace of Juno

This is one for the ladies!  Call upon the Queen of the Heavens, Juno, to aid you with all womanly concerns or problems.  As the Queen Goddess of Rome- she is the Guardian of Women and involved in every aspect of a females life, from the cradle to the grave.  Juno is responsible for organizing time into cycles, so tasks can be conducted in a mannerly and timely fashion.  This ability allows her to oversee the menses, births, and the virility of all women.  Juno can also cure/heal any maladies that specifically target women, particularly those that effect the reproductive organs.  Juno may also be petitioned to grant a woman fertility if she desires to conceive or she can prevent unwanted pregnancy.  For all the single ladies- Juno rules over marriage and can help you attract the perfect mate- she will prevent you from ending up with the wrong person and ensure that you have a long and perfect union.  As the Ultimate Matron, she will keep you and your children protected and see that they never want for anything and that they live fulfilling, happy lives.  It is recommended that you invoke Juno's aid on the night of a full moon while keeping this piece close to your heart.  As you gaze into the night sky, envision a beautiful woman descending from the Heavens approaching you.  Imagine that she is woman draped in a thin toga carrying a flower with both of her hands- reaching out to you.  Tell Juno exactly what it is that you want and you will see her hand the flower to you- then she will vanish.  Thank her for bestowing her blessings upon you, while still peering upwards- You now have the Divine Grace of Juno.


Divine Grace of Juno
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