Divine Protectorate

This piece is a divine protectorate that was made during investigation we we were on a while ago.  Actually, it was less of an investigation and more of an exorcism.  Sometimes we get calls like these, but this particular call wielded the development of an extra powerful exorcism tool. 

First things first, the person inflicted by the demon was a young boy from the Philippines named Bayani.  His parents moved here in hopes of ridding the demon from Bayani.  They thought that by moving they would be able to trick the demon, but the demon followed, which is this case is actually quite uncommon. 

The type of demon that had been inflicted upon Bayani is a rather rare form that pops up only every once in while.  His demon is known as a Batibat, which is a particularly rare type.  These demons are vengeful demons native to the Philippines.  They are blamed for the fatal nocturnal illness called bangungot.  A batibat takes the form of a huge, old, fat woman that resides in trees.  Usually they only come in contact with humans when the tree that they live in is chopped down for the construction of a house.  This cause the batibat to migrate to holes found in the post that is used to build the house. 

The batibat forbids humans to sleep near its post.  When a person does sleep near the batibat's post, there is hell to pay!  the batibat will transform to its true form and attack the person who is in violation.  It will sit upon the chest of its victim causing suffocation, sometimes to the point of death.  The batibat can also seep into its victim's brain to cause bad dreams and night terrors, which is the problem that young Bayani was having. His parent took corrective action by first moving to a new house in the Philippines.  This should usually do the trick, because the batibat are usually tied to house they are in. 

However, this must have been a very determined, vengeful demon because the batibat moved with the child and his family.  Then, the family tried to stay with some relatives.  The batibat still followed.  Alas, they came to America, where they had family ties in Pennsylvania.  Things were fine for awhile until the batibat manifested itself in not only terrorizing their son, Bayani, this time, but the entire family.  It even terrorized the innocent family members who were providing safe haven for their kin.  This when we were called in. 

To make a long, terrorizing story short, we were able to exorcise the batibat from the house.  It was a long drawn out process, but the demon is now vanquished back to the hell from which it was sent forth.  To do this we not only had to have an extraction ritual, but we also had to have a reverse negativity ritual, where we obtained a duplicate but opposite form of the batibat and put it into a piece.  Thus, as strong as the batibat was in evil and negativity, this piece is in white light and pureness.  We used this piece then to battle the powers of the batibat and when all was said and done, the demon was cast back into the lake of fire.

At long last, we are left with this white light divining piece.  It is the opposite of the batibat and is a very powerful exorcism piece.  It extract and vanquish any negative, dark, black, evil, or demonic being that may be terrorizing you or somebody you know.  All you have to do is use this piece to call the demon out and then order it back to where it came from.  It will work to exorcise human, items, or places-- basically anything that a demon can inhabit or possess.  It is full of white light that will also renew any spiritual damage that has been done as a result of the possession. It is an extremely powerful white light protectorate!   

Divine Protectorate
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