Divine Spirit Portal Pendant


Divine Spirit Portal Pendant

This piece holds the gateway to the purest of white light energies~! It is the coveted doorway to millions of spirits!

This stunning and enchanted crystal pendant acts as a portal gateway to any and ALL spirits of only the purest WHITE LIGHT energy! Let these spirits bring their phenomenal warm, guiding and loving energies into your life!

Testers have encompassed white light beings such as: Dragons, Unicorns, Angels, Faeries, Djinn and more~!

ANY Spirit or being of white light can be reached through this enchanted portal.

This stunning pendant has been set as a portal and acts as a direct 'doorway' to unlimited numbers of white light spirits. It connects directly to the astral realms where many types of  Divine entities dwell.

These Spirits can and will grant Wishes, bring Prosperity and Abundance in all things, and create a Serene and Harmonious positive White Light Energy all about you and your home.

The Spirits will come to your call both unspoken and spoken! They will act on  your behalf and bring many blessings into your life! You will find your wishes being granted, your prayers answered, as the many White Light Spirits grant you their many gifts of abundance, prosperity and love!

The answer to many people's issues can be resolved with this enlightened piece of divinity.

~Remember-this piece brings you access to literally millions of Pure White Light Spirits~!!


Divine Spirit Portal Pendant
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