Djinn Soul Seeker and Power Bank

Djinn Soul Seeker and Power Bank

Okay, so if you follow Haunted Curiosities, then you will know that we do our own version of the show Sister Wives.  It's called Brother Husbands.  The whole idea is that I get married to multiple guys that are then called brother husbands instead of sister wives.  The whole thing is very amusing and is really just a spoof off of Sister Wives, which I find to be an incredibly interesting show.  It got me to thinking... I wonder why the Mormons are accepting of marriage pluralism.  I've pondered this thought and I think I've come with an answer.  Okay, so you've gotten married.  You are married a woman that you know you will love forever.  The woman (or man) has her strengths and weaknesses, right?  Like maybe she is really great at listening to you and making you feel better, but she can't cook a meal to save her life.  Then you meet wife number 2.  She's not the best listener in the world, but there is a love connection between the two of you.  She is really good at cooking, but not the best at listening to how your day went and helping you come up with rational solutions to your problems. Then, comes wife number three.  She is in love with children and wants to have enough children to start her own baseball team.  She is an alright cook and will listen to what you have to say, but isn't the best at either of these.  Ladies, this idea can be applied to you as well, even if I've never heard of a real brother-husband scenario before.  The point is you can conglomerate all of the best aspects of your "others" to make a super-wife or super-husband.  All the different aspects of all your wives will add together and weaknesses and voids of some will be fulfilled by others and vice versa. 

Now, I've taken this concept, added a little magic and came up with this piece.  It applies the whole "Brother Husband" theory to the world of magic.  This piece has been fully gifted the power of the Eternal Flame, from which most Djinn are born and from which all Djinn receive their magic powers.  Although, when becoming a stronger form Djinn, it is necessary for a Djinn to find a human host to grow with, this piece kind of works in the opposite direction.  This piece has been give the power to seek out the souls of Djinn that are floating around aimlessly, or who have been searching for the perfect human host.  It will allow you practice magic djinn pluralism, as will seek out the souls of djinn that are in your vicinity and allow you to real in them in.  They will then become your "djinn brethren."  You can collect as many djinn as you want and/or need to. 

With this piece, the strongest of the powers you collect from your djinn will rise to the top.  Each djinn will obviously possess a different power and you can piece them together like one huge magic puzzle.  Some djinn will be stronger in other areas and others will be stronger in others.  The important part of this piece is that you will be able to access the full potential of each djinn-- meaning you have exclusive, unlimited rights to all of their magic.  You can piece together the strongest powers of each of your djinn, to create, in essence, a super djinn!!  While each individual djinn will maintain their individual identity, they will all work and correspond together to maintain a mass of magic that covers any and all energies and powers of the magic spectrum.  The more djinn you collect with your soul magnet, the more powerful your piece becomes.  You can store an unlimited amount djinn in this token of power.  The item already contains a djinn that will act as a mediator to other djinn and will assist you in locating and pulling in other djinn that are in your vicinity! 

This piece is the perfect power bank and will allow you amass a TON of different types of power.  The strongest powers will be woven together like a blanket and will create a web of power you will envelop and become familiar with.  The more djinn you locate and pull, the larger you can grow your web.  Again, there are no limits on how you can use this piece and no limits on the amount of djinn or powers you can store in your power bank! 

In testing this piece we have gained some djinn already most are all wealth but we also came across one that called itself universal in all universe. The one wealth djinn will show itself sometimes,usually if your about to get money when you ask for it. My personal experience is when an empty chair at the casino all of a sudden had a man sitting in it who told me how much to play and what I would win. I won and he said your welcome!  This is one of my favorites because I wanted to go to where he went to as he just vanished and when he did my ring felt a little warm.

This ring is real gold and beautiful! The stones are real too but I think they are Alexandrite? I can't be sure on that.


Djinn Soul Seeker and Power Bank
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