Djinni Balls, Djinni Balls, Djinni ALL THE WAYY!!

Djinni Balls

It's a miracle that we even have this piece.  Emir finally got us one of these items, as we have waiting for one for a while.  It comes from a lucrative, underground fraternity in Egypt.  They are a break off from the Illuminati, who are actually the ancestors of the origianl Egyptian sorcerers who developed the Illuminati's powers and magics, anyhow.  So, I guess you could say that the Illuminati broke away from them.  Anyway, they live in an underground city that is approximately a mile underneath the Pyramids in Giza.  The entrance and exit into the city is through a secret chamber that is Hidden in the 2nd Pyramid.  However, once you're in there is really no need to leave.  This new-age, high tech city makes New York look like Main Street, USA.  Just saying.  This city has everything you have ever wanted and needed... most likely more. 

The city is ruled by the underground fraternity that I just told you about.  This undergound fraternity is called "Third Kingdom Egypt, since its predecessors were the Old Kingdom Egypt and New Kindgom Egypt.  The emporer of the city is, of course, referred to as Pharaoh.  They thrive on energy from the ancient Egyptian sorcerers and the city itself is a place that flows with free form energy, as its sole source of energy are the Great Pyramids of Giza!! 

This item is from a collection known as the Pharaoh's Djinni Balls.  He has a wide spectrum of Djinna Balls that are interchangeable in this ring.  The ring itself is Sterling Silver.  The Black Djinni Ball is the most powerful though.  It is the master of all of Pharaoh's court of djinn, who grant him basically anything he wants and any given time.  They can grant him powers, wishes, other entities, immortality... I mean, we're talking about ANYTHING!!  BUT... and this is a HUGE BUT... the Black Djinni Ball can do it all!!  It holds chief powers over all other djinn and can perform all the powers, as it is a merging of ALL the other djinnis Pharaoh is in possession of.  There are only two of the Black Djinni Balls. 
Emir was able to successfully enter the Third Kingdom, infiltrate Pharaohs crystal palace, and obtain on of these balls.  We have broken any and all connection to the rest of Pharaoh's djinn that way he can't tell where the ball is located.  However, all the powers remain in the piece and run rampant.  You can perform any type of magic or grant any type of request or wish with this ring... an exclusive member of the Djinni Balls!! 

Djinni Balls, Djinni Balls, Djinni ALL THE WAYY!!
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