Djinni Fire Breather

In the early 1800s, there was a new girl in town.  Her name was Jo Girardelli and she traveled Europe with her "hot" new act.  It was magic, although some might say that it was.  She put a who new spin on fire acts and was able to swallow red-hot object without causing her any pain or harm, whatsoever.  Those who seen her performance couldn't believe what was happening right before their eyes.  

Jo was able to rinse her mouth with things such as nitric acid without the acid burning holes in her mouth, gums, or cheeks.  As a means of proving that she really had the acid in her mouth, she's spit in onto iron.  The iron would immediately start melting away under the acid.  Jo also swallowed and played around with things such as boiling oil, filling her mouth with it and then spitting it out.  When she did this it cause a fire, proving that she was actually doing what she proclaimed.  

The show had to go on, so eventually she began using hot wax and molten lead. She'd put objects such as shovels over an open flame, heating them to unbearable temperatures.  She would then press these object against her skin, even pressing her tongue against some of the object.  In all of her acts, he skin remained undamaged, as it was before the act.  She remained completely unburned.  Exactly how she did this, people weren't sure.  It wasn't until a few years ago when I became fascinated with her curious control over fire that we summoned her to ask her.  

Jo Girardelli wasn't your normal run of the mill mortal being.  Rather, she was born with one mortal parent and her other parent was a djinni.  In essence she would be a sort of Nephilim, having one parent that wasn't an angel, but was an immortal spirit.  I don't know exactly what you would call this type of being, but that's what she was.  This is why she was able to play with fire and not get burnt.  She used this ability to make money... and, I mean, why not?  Asides from this she was also a sorcerer and with the magic of djinni father on her side, imagine that her powers were most likely astronomical, able to rival any sorcerer of the times.  She never did become famous for her magic, though, because she did it in her own time, not for the public eye.  

During our rendezvous with Jo, we asked her to give us a sampling of her magic.  She gave us more than what we asked for, developing a series of pieces that can birth djinn.  When you get your piece, you must wear it in some fashion.  Allow the magic to overcome your body and bond with your spirit.  Meditate with your piece and envision what your djinn will look like when it appears to you.  This is the form it will take.  You must give your djinn a name.  Don't email asking what your djinn's name is, because this is a name you must choose, not us.  Once you have named your djinn, it will begin to grow in power.  As it grows, so will you.  The more interactions you have with your piece and your djinn the more powerful it will become.  Accordingly, you will also become more powerful.  It won't take the magic long to come to full fruition.  When it does, your djinni will grant you unlimited wishes.  Anything you ask it for shall become reality!  There are no holds on this piece, it will do whatever you ask it to do!  It is dual in nature. 


Sterling silver size 7 with yellow stone and crystals.

Djinni Fire Breather
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