Djinni Love, Yeah Baby

If you watch any of our Youtube videos, then you know that we

have recently held an interview with one of our contacts who is a

human Djinni.  He is the only one that we have ever known to

exist and we were lucky enough to find him!!  You see, the way he

got this way is actually pretty simple, yet very rare.  In

college he roomed with a guy that was pretty deep into occult

magic.  Most of it was white light, according to our Djinni

source.  By the way, his human name is Robert Michael Norman, but

I've grown to call him Roman, because his initials are RMN which

looks likes Roman without the vowels. <br /><br />

Either way, when he confronted his roommate about what he was

doing, his roommate held no qualms explaining the whole thing to

Roman.  He even invited Roman to one of his magical seance

sessions, to learn how he makes talismans and channels the

spirits of entities and other beings into his items.  Robbie

went, but he felt extremely uncomfortable. <br /><br />

Eventually, after college Roman and his roommate went their

separate ways.  It wasn't until he got home that Robbie began to

experience phenomena-- shadows, voices, and things happening for

no reason.  It eventually led to the extraction of the spirit of

a Djinni that had merged and fused itself to Roman's soul,

creating a human/djinni hybrid.  It is the first that we have

ever experienced and the only one that exists as far as we are

aware of. <br /><br />

Roman agreed to use the powers of the djinni that shares his

physical vessel to invoke powers into several pieces for us.

This particular piece invokes the powers of true love.

If you've ever been lovelorn, you know that it isn't a pleasant

experience.  It feels like you are always trying and striving for

that personal connection that just never comes.  Maybe you aren't

good at connecting with people, or maybe the right one just

hasn't come along.<br /><br />

Either way, this piece is designed to bring love to your life in

the form of a significant other.  It will save you the heart ache

and pain of having to find out the old fashioned way if someone

is the perfect match for you.  How, do you ask??  It's simple.

This piece gives you what I like to call the "lover's soulscan."

It allows you to gaze into the eyes of a date or potential

significant other's eyes and know who they really are.

This power will allow you to read the soul of the other person

and know their intentions.  You will be able to read their mind

and know what they think about you and those things that are most

important to you.  You will be given the psychic ability to be

able to see how things will pan out, should you pursue a

relationship. <br /><br />

I've never seen a love piece that is better than this one.  It

really gives you all that you ever needed to find that one

perfect soul mate.  In love, what more could you ask for??  <br /><br />


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Djinni Love, Yeah Baby
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