Dowsing for Power and the Wizard's Spirit

Magic and Alchemy Dowsing

This piece works as a stand-alone piece, but will also work very well in conjunction with various other items that we have on our website. It is a magic and alchemy dowsing piece. Dowsing is a procedure that was devised in the 15th Century. It involved using a “diving” rod to find stock piles of such things as water, precious metals, oil and other things that are found in the ground. It involves no scientific procedure, simply the use of ESP and magic to find the things that the diviner may want or need.

You can think of this piece as your very own divining rod. It will dwell with you, leading you in the right direction of some of the strangest and most bizarre powers and abilities that you never even know existed.

The piece itself has come from an estate sale in Germany. One of clients found it and immediately had a connection with it, even though it wasn’t really his thing. He immediately sent it to us. We ran a bunch of tests on it. We have determined that it holds the spirit of an ancient wizard, who had fused his spirit in this piece when he became sick of his immortality.

This piece will allow you to “dowse” for magical ability and alchemy. You will able to use this piece to acquire new powers and alchemical energies. You will be able to do many things with these powers and energies. You will also obtain the wizards youthfulness and all of the magical ability that he had before he decided to hibernate.

Make sure you use this piece with caution, because there are no constraints on it. With that being said, it does have a protection charm on it. You will receive the piece that you see here.

Dowsing for Power and the Wizard's Spirit
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