Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood<br /><br />

Across the ages, there have been many different accounts of many types of  dragons.  From Western accounts of fire breathing monsters to Eastern accounts of grand protectorates, there are several characteristics that are the same across the board that provide a solid foundation for the existence of these extraordinary creatures.  <br /><br />

First, dragons are the ancient keepers of timeless knowledge.  They have been around since before human kind.  They know all that has transpired and only share the information with people that they know deserve it.  This is why, in many European folktales dragon slayers battle dragons.  It is also why in Chinese culture dragons are invoked.   The desire for true knowledge is there, whether by force or cooperation.  <br /><br />

Second, Dragons are portals to unparalleled magical ability.  When you were a child, do you remember watching shows about wizards or other magical beings?  There's almost always a dragon involved!  Of course as you grew up, people dismissed such magic as fantasy, because they can't see immediate results with the naked human eye, and minds become duller and duller.  My friend, I guarantee you that the ancient magic of dragons is alive and well.  This piece is living proof of it.  Allow your dragon to open your mind, giving you telekinetic and psychic ability that will allow you to read his knowledge and magical ability.  <br /><br />

Finally, dragon's are the keepers of ancient wealth.  This wealth manifests itself in several ways:  knowledge, money, and magic.  Wealth is whatever you put value in.  Well, dragons value these tips of wealth, an almost always guard a cove of ancient wealth.  The dragon in this item will share his wealth with you.  The important part about the magic of dragons is that it is held within the royal dragon bloodline that has been instilled in dragons by the gods of a time long ago.  This bloodline has been passed down, and by implementing this blood, this piece has been able to be made.  It was washed in a bath that was 100% pure dragon blood, thus obtaining the true powers of the dragon.  <br /><br />

Dragon's Blood
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