Draw Love to You

Draw Love to You This piece is channeled with an exquisite drawing force, which will bring the facets of your desired love to you! Write down the description of your hearts true match on a piece of unlined paper. After you write the description, burn the paper and then dip this piece into the ashes, and place the remaining ashes into a container. Keep the container INSIDE your home, preferably in your bedroom. Now wear the piece for 7 continuous days, for at least 5 hours each of the days. The allured energies will prevail within you from the piece and trigger the relinquishment of attraction, allure and lust...bringing your hearts true desires into your life. Stop going to the bar hoping to meet a decent person to grow old with -- most likely not going to end well~! This piece will work for both men and women! The sanction of the pin holds crystals that are empowered, there was one stone removed, as this was integrated to showcase the need for completion and to show that your heart is open and searching for your ideal match. Testers showcased fast results -- and two of the three testers have since married the mate they were connected with while using this piece ~!
Draw Love to You
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