Drop It Like It's Hot!!


I will be away for a week and can not answer emails. I will have no use of a phone or computer during this time. On and off I may get a chance to use a phone but I'm not sure.  Please note that shipping takes 10 days from the time you order the item. IF you are new to the site also note that it is a good idea to sign up for the newsletter or forum and check your emails from one of the other. These emails give you the coupon codes,radio show schedules and new items.<br /><br />

Lay-a-ways are accepted with 20 percemt down and non refundable. You must send your payment to kissmecrazie@gmail.com using paypal.In the paypal notes please state what it is for and that it is a lay-a-way.<br /><br />

For new people and others,many of the items are one of a kind and many also antiques. Please take that into consideration when buying. I say this because care must be taken with older pieces. If your not sure of the item then email me and ask.<br /><br />

I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.


**We met a powerful gypsy who utilizes the forces of the receptors in the brain to combine fusions of technological magic with subliminal messages

Don't be fooled by other people claiming to be using subliminal technology, and still using standard affirmations~

Messages which are delivered subliminally have to be in a precise format, delivered at the right speed and frequency for the most effective results. Normal affirmations delivered subliminally just don't work anywhere near as well...

Isn't it time you made use of the latest technology and shaved years off the time it takes you to remove limiting beliefs and change values that are
no longer serving you?

This item is surged to bring you more confidence, improve your relationships... or even get new ones,gain more self esteem, and create a real wealth mindset, thus by helping you drop unwanted pounds!

The imperative fusion of powers will radiate your neurons and impart the energy to help you lose weight through your subconscious ideals being changed and assisting you in making wise choices and having energy to project more activity.

Generated energies like the ones infused in this piece are very strong and fast acting.

These pieces have been made with the energy of a certain Brazilian plant that will help curb your appetite and reduce your cravings.  Keep this piece with you and whenever you are prompted to eat something stare into the stone and think of all the reasons you want to lose weight.  Then, the power will be activated consuming your body and reducing your craving and giving you a boost of will power. 

Drop It Like It's Hot!!
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