Druidic Wakes Energy

From ancient times the wakes, or funeral games, in Ireland were held with many strange observances carried down by tradition from the pagan era. These rite held witchcraft and other magical rites and rituals-- so much so that the priesthood used all their influence to put them down. The old funeral customs, in consequence, have now been discontinued almost entirely amongst the people.  The ancient traditional usages are unknown to the new generation, though the elders of the village can yet remember them.  The wake would be led by a druid witch, who was powerful and omniscient in all Irish magic-- or magic in general for that matter.  The rites were designed to re-enact ancient happenings and events that took place on Earth before the mortal populace.  The elder spirits would often times take possession of the bodies of those who attended the wakes, allowing them to be entranced while re-enacting scenes from prior events.  The crowd would watch, mesmerized under the spells that the ancient spirits had put on them.  It was the spirits way of transporting the newly dead soul to the realms of the afterlife as well as blessing the crowd, more specifically the family of loss, with energies that would both appease their soul and bring them wealth that would help them through their difficult times.  

Although these practices have been banned by the Catholic Church, bands of Irish druids that exist in remote locations throughout the country still partake in these rituals.  The rituals are as powerful as ever and are held in secret for fear of a rebuking by the church.  Thus, there can't be too much information given as to from whom I got this piece and where exactly it comes from. What you can know is that it came from a rite in Ireland, conducted by a top level druid witch.  The energies from this ritual were channelled into this piece during the ceremony.  The piece has been infused with the energies and powers from the ancient spirits as they appear to the people during the wakes.  Their powers and abilities have been channelled into this piece and are now available through acquisition of this item. 

You can activate the powers in this piece simply by meditating with it and allowing the energies and powers to entrance you and flow freely through your body.  This you will have to do more than once.  You will feel the energies of the ancient spirits soaring through your veins as you will feel lighter and more susceptible to things such as psychic ability, telepathy, scrying, fortune telling, etc.  At first these abilities will be foggy or cloudy, but eventually they will become as sharp as a whistle brining forth your abilities 100% and this is when you know your powers have come into full effect.  This piece gives you full white light protection from day one, by the way, and what happens after your powers have come full swing is the acquisition of wealth.  These energies will go before you and act as a wealth magnet.  It will bring you wealth and power from all directions, in everything that you do.  It will be your own personal item that will bring you full psychic ability, white light  protection, and extreme wealth.  

Eventually when you become strong enough in your practice, this piece will elevate your mind to be on the same channel and the ancient spirits and will open your mind to wholly new possibilities such as travel to other astral realms, creation of matter, teleportation, tranmogrification, etc.  It is a very powerful piece, you just to work at it!  The more you use your piece the more and more powerful you can and will become.  There are no limitations, as this piece will grow you as you grow in ability!  Do not take this piece for granted, it's powers know no bounds, meaning it can make you as powerful as you wish to become! 
Druidic Wakes Energy
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