Dual Existence Highgate Vampire

The Highgate Cemetery was, in its original form, part of the northwestern wooded area ofHighgate, London, United Kingdom.  It opened in 1839 as part of a plan that included building seven momentous cemeteries that were going to comprise the foundation of what was to become the Magnificent Seven around the outside of Central London.  Inner-city cemeteries had long become over crowded and attached to certain churches and denominations.  High-Gate was supposed to be a place to to away with this trend, allow for burial of whomever, and eliminate the health hazard other cemeteries were posing.  

The cemetery served as a high-profile resting place for the next 100 years, housing very many notable people, but you can look those up.  The architecture of the graveyard took a more Victorian attitude, and the structures of the cemetery are very beautiful to look at.  However, the reason we are interested in Highgate is not the people who are buried there or the fact that the architecture is stunning.  Rather, we are more concerned with the presence of a coven of vampires who take residence at the cemetery.  When the cemetery was first built, it was built to provide a place for people to go to get away from reality.  It boasted beautiful gardens and nature, complete with wildlife.  It served a dual purpose, as in those days it was expected to bury the dead with the same dignity that you would give them in life.  Thus, they were buried with luxury.

With the start of two generations of war-- those being WWI and WWII-- it left nobody to really care for the cemetery and it began to become over run and not taken care of.  It was over run with all types of vegetation and began to look more like a ruins than anything.  With very few exceptions, the only living creatures that would visit the cemetery were the foxes and chipmunks and other wildlife that made this place their home.  Of course, there were those people who loved a good spooky stroll in the cemetery.  There were also the occultists.  Despite the fact that nobody really seems to know where the legends of the HighgateVampires started, I can tell you that it definitely started with the occultists that used the seclusion that the graveyard offered them, to so as they please.  They would break into one of mausoleums that were there and practice their rituals among the dead.  They had no qualms doing so.  History would call these people Satanists, but I think that this would be a little bit of a harsh judgement, as they weren't really interested in the devil.  They were interested in vampires and contrary to what most people would believe, not all vampires are evil demonic entities.  You have to understand that not all vampires assume the form of Bram Stoker's Dracula.  In fact, most of them do not.  

So, you had these occultists who would use the cemetery as a calling-ground for the entities that they wanted to pull through from other plains of existence.  Who cares what they media says or the fact that there was a war between two paranormal investigators for media attention.  You can never trust what the media says anyhow.  I do believe that a man witnessed something supernatural in the cemetery one night in the late sixties, go freaked out, called the authorities, and that was that.  The rest of the hubbub surrounding the even is a gray scale of rumors.  You can't always believe what you are told, because most of these things are repeated by hopefuls who will tell any creepy story just to get a rise out of people. 

What I have is factual evidence that the Highgate Vampires exist. A lot of people think that it was just the presence of one vampire, but I can assure you that this is not the case.  Rather, it was an entire coven of ancient vampire forms that was summoned by the occultists, who thought they had everything under control.  Instead, this coven showed up and pretty much began to run the show.  This is when the occultists abandoned their project.  Not soon after that a group called Friends of Highgate began to fix the place up.  I'm no sure if this had something to do with the fact that the Highgates now call this cemetery their home and they used their hypnotic mind control powers to get it done.  I just don't know.  What I do know is that by night these vampires roam the gardens of the cemetery in their physical form.  They are more or less energetic vampires, who get the strength they need through the energies that are released to the Earth through UV rays and such.  They have the ability to take blood if they want it, but they don't need it.  Besides, blood is nothing more than the same energies that are fed to our planet through the energies of the universe anyhow... it's the sustenance of life.  How do you think plants stay alive with sunlight?  

By day, these vampires return to their spiritual forms that they attach to the marble and granite markers in the graveyards, such as angels and gargoyles.  They remain in this form as to go unnoticed until nightfall comes around again.  Then, they go about their business.  Without getting into the particulars of our investigation, I will simply say that we visitedHighgate one dreary afternoon.  There was hardly a soul in the whole of the place.  We found an angel carving in which one of the Highgate Vampires was located.  We summoned him into this piece and in this piece he remains to this day.  That is what I am offering you, the buyers.  It is one of the original Highgate Vampires, part of the original, extremely powerful coven.  The stone in the ring that we are offering was originally clear in color.  I know sounds boring, but it is the piece that we had available at the time.  After we did the transference, the stone turned the blood red color that you see here.  This is a sure indication that the vampire is alive and well and ready to go!!  

What does this mean for you?  With this piece, you will get a full Highgate Awakening.  The vampire who you are receiving is named Cedric.  That's pronounced Sea-Drick, not like Cedric the Entertainer's name.  You will need to know when summoning him forth.  When summoned this presence will share your body and that will give you an immense amount of powers.  You will be able to tell, simply by the clarity of mental awareness you will gain.  You will be able to move quicker, tolerate more pain, lift heavier objects, etc.  You will gain mental clairvoyance that will give you a psychic awakening and you will be able to predict the future, communicate with spirits and other entities around you, and control the minds of others through the power of mesmerizing, that most vampires have, regardless of type.  You will gain a secret blood alchemy that the Highgates practice.  This alchemy basically allows you to create whatever kind of power you want, whether that is time travel, wealth, luck, love, sex, white light magic, or dark magic. It doesn't know limits, which is why it is a dual power piece, because it does whatever type of powers that you ask of it, when you have summoned forth the the Highgate.  You can send him back to the piece whenever you want, but after using him a few times, I think you'll find that you'd rather just live life as the dual existence, given the power that is going to be given to you.  Don't wait around on this one, either.  We have one on a first-come-first-served basis.  After it's gone it is gone!  We had one of these before, but it sold very quickly.  We were lucky to get another! 

Dual Existence Highgate Vampire
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