Duo Wen Tian, Guardian of the North

Duo Wen Tian, Guardian of the North

This is a piece that I received earlier this year. I received it from a Chinese spiritualist during a visit to China. I wasn't in China on any type of particular business, I was actually there to celebrate the Chinese New Year in February, as it was the year of the Tiger and that happens to be my sign. This was the first time I could actually go and celebrate this event as you all know it only occurs once every twelve years.

Anyhow, I got this piece from a man who was at the grand spectacle, claiming to have items that he had inhabited with the spirits of the Chinese ancients. I was extremely interested, as Chinese culture has always fascinated me. I decided to invest in one; however, when I chose my piece and asked the man what spirit my piece inhabited, he informed me that I would have to discover that for myself. It was now up to me to achieve a spiritual balance that would allow me to bear witness to the secrets withheld by the piece.

After my celebration, which was an excellent experience to have taken part of, I returned home. I wasted no time in beginning probes into the power that my new piece beheld. With the help of DeeDee, who is actually a very in-tune spirit medium, I was able to discover the ancient secrets that were beheld by my Chinese Elder Spirit.

My piece actually embodies the spirit of Duo Wen Tian, great Guardian of the North. Duo Wen Tian is the god of War. Thus, he is the most powerful of the four heavenly deities and is clad in armor with a spear in one hand and a pagoda in the other. The pagoda signifies the divine Buddhist teachings and treasures, which only he holds. Duo Wen Tian guards his ancients secrets on Mt. Shumisen, place of inhabitance of the gods of the orient. Additionally, he is the bringer of wealth, defender of the nation, scourge of evil doers, healer of illness, and delivers the virtue of dignity.

I was able to successfully summon his spirit and his presence in the piece is VERY real. When you possess this piece, you too will be able to summon the ancient spirit of Duo Wen Tian. He will grant you spiritual stability, the wisdom of sacramental virtues and truths, and a balance of spiritual state. He will bring you extreme good fortune, making you successful in your endeavors and bringing you wealth. He will provide you and your household with protection from dark entities and demons, as he is the grand protector and avowed enemy of evil forces. Finally, he will pass onto you the ability of spiritual healing, giving you the ability to consecrate the souls of those around you. This piece is powerful and should not be taken lightly as it holds the power to alter the destiny of yourself and others.
Duo Wen Tian, Guardian of the North
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