A haunting image of a man was captured on Google Earth at the remains of a house in a ghost village in South Gloucestershire that was bulldozed to make way for an airfield.

This spirit was shown to be there for days without moving. That is when we were contacted to see what was going on.

Deedee and our team traveled to the secluded area and invoked the elements of the spirit to learn that he was a majestic leader who had all of his secret spells and empowered enrichments within the shackeled house. The home is where he studied, lived and died. He wanted to implore his knowledge to the one who found his body, but the team bulldozed the house without even going within it, as the area is so secluded and they knew there was no electric or running water, so they figured the home was filled with rubbish and creatures.

The man did not want all of his years of studies going to waste, so he remained, in spirit.

Google Earth is the amazing feat that acknowledged this man and he was able to advance his skill set and mastery discoveries forward into this piece,

Deedee showased her abilities to the spirit,  and the man was able to trust that someone looking to gain advacement in the realm of majestic magic will be able to get this piece.

This is an excellent item that will bring forth mastery level skills in: telepathy, telekinesis, mind manipulation, generative energy sourcing, knowledge of the occult, Freemason secrets and much more.

The man is known as Odon, and he has a lifetime of studied empowerment to reap within you... this is a faceted force that will change your life~

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