She is not a sex spirit, but she is a spirit of seduction, charm, love, and hypnotics.<br /><br />

She more of an entity and her name is Velma.<br /><br />

Velma is thousands of years old and has been conjured into flesh long ago. She has been with some of the most wealthy families through history, and comes from a long line of conjured fire witches.<br /><br />

When she casts her spell it is like the person is on absinth, and they cannot get enough of you!<br /><br />

This ring is empowered in the center stone that is an old relic. <br /><br />

Velma is not stupid, as she has been around for nearly forever --- she has the ability to predict what another human being will do. In this vast knowledge she has over human nature nothing is hidden from her and so her connection allows you to know what is GOING to happen!<br /><br />

You are the one that will become like a drug to those around you -- an addictioin that they will not want to let go of.<br /><br />

This ring can be used by both men and women. It also works during sex if that is all you want is to improve your stamina and pleasure~<br /><br />

What I like about this ring is if you made a bad choice in engaging someone who is drawn towards you, and are no longer intersted, you simply need to let them go -- and they will feel no pain and will not be shattered -- it enchants a natural way for them to realize that they need to move on.<br /><br />

This is an awesome piece!<br /><br />



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