Many times we have people that say some creatures are not real and that they never existed. This is not true an example of that is the Unicorn.<br /><br />

In the Bible,Numbers 23:22 it says " The Lord hath as it were the strength of an Unicorn." So obviously at some point it did exist.<br /><br />

We know by reading that passage that they are strong but what else can they do? They are divine healers,protectors and in this passage strength means supernatural in all ways. What we are offering today as part of our Easter sales are two Heavenly Rainbow Unicorns,these are fabuliciously Beautiful!! I doubt that you will ever see anything like these again! You will get one of them.<br /><br />

We have Sirus and Cometious both names after celestial divinity.<br /><br />

Surrounding these Gorgeous Unicorns are all real gemstones which in the bible will also line the Heavenly Gates. You have Amethyst,Peridot,Garnet,Topaz and Citrine. The Center Stone is total beauty and holds theh colors of Aqua,Purple,Emerald Green,GOlden Amber and many other Heavenly colors. You will proudly wear this and display your Unicorns powers where ever you go! The power in these to Unicorns is unmatched! I only have two.

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