Usually we find Saint George in these new and antique medals but this one is sterling silver,heavy and antique. He is a good size and where he came from is even better.<br /><br />

Saint Michael is one of the best warrior angels,he can defeat Lucifer. He can step in on your behalf and remove all evil that is surrounding you. But that is what he does and can do,but what has he done through this medal? Let me tell you.<br /><br />

We have all heard of the fallen ones,those that came and slept with the daughters of man. Michael is pure but he also has free will. He of course decided to stay with God and be his right hand man but does he love or can he fall in love with a human?<br /><br />

Cindy Lee Brown was a young woman born in the late 50's. Her grandmother gave her the medal of Saint Michael and told her that Saint Michael was always around her and protected her all her life. Cindy took this as a spiritual thing and was glad for the gift. After having the medal and wearing for about 4 months she went off by where the Echelon mall is today in New Jersey. She was leaving late because she worked there and while walking felt a push on her back. Then she felt a hard hit to her head which sent her down to the concrete. The attack was by an evil spirit who had stabbed a woman over 50 times in real life a while back. He escaped onto a naval ship and got away with the murder. This is where that investigation I told you all about before comes into place.  During a seance a woman took on the body of the murdered woman and on the aniversary of her death she feels the pain and see's his face. She would begin to sing "red sails in the sunset,red sails in the sky,red sails your gonna die". This still happens to her once a year to this day.<br /><br />

This spirit is the same one that attacked Cindy and began to rape her and strangle her at the same time. Don't think this can't happen because it has and it does. The spirit went to rip her shirt off and saw this medal of Saint Michael and tried to rip it from her. It was at that time that Michael stood tall over the both of them and tossed the evil spirit into a fire pit that with his finger he created. It was after that Michael began to stay with Cindy and she felt bad because did he not have other work to do? She was told that he has the ability to project and DO things and be in more then one place,he is after all Gods warrior angel. Cindy was visited by the Grim reaper in 2007 and nothing Michael could do would stop him. The angel of death is Gods angel as well and it was her time to go. Michael will be a great addition to your home and a great friend to you. If this piece sells I do NOT have another one.<br /><br />

While it is hard to test an angel we can say that we did but it was on his own time. We later found out that this piece holds a part of his sword and that is why Cindy's grandmother passed it to her before she died. Michael will always be with you as you hold part of his spiritual weapon.

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