The stone of this ring is very powerful. The stone holds all the spells placed on the pyramid walls during the 5th century. These spells have had 1500 years to build up in power. These spells were placed there to give the dead the spells they could use in the afterlife and also so they could communicate with Osiris, the Egyptian god of the afterlife. All areas were covered, from wealth to love to vitality to spiritual growth. These spells are the same things we want today, but being ancient, they are much more powerful as they are not watered down versions that are so common today.

The spells are placed into and on the stone by special etching done by a mystical light that came through the pyramids when they had a golden cap stone. All magics can be had with this and no special rituals or sayings are needed.

This is a real gold antique ring with a very beautiful and powerful stone in the center. It sparkles! It is a size 4 or 5 and can be sized bigger because the power is in the stone and not the ring itself. It's a beautiful ring by itself, and with what it can do, it's a great deal.

To use, speak what you desire. For example, if you wanted the love of one person you would just say that. If you want communication with the dead, you would ask for that. YOU CAN ASK FOR WEALTH, PROTECTION, LOVE, ABILITIES AND MORE.

The possibilities are endless.
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