We also have several of these pieces.  They are the offspring piece of a God whose name is Poseidon.  Chances are that you have heard of Poseidon.  If you haven't, allow me to explain.  He is one out of twelve deities of the pantheon in Greek Mythology.  His domain is the ocean and he is the brother of Hades and Zeus.  He has been given power from the Mount Olympus and the Gods and controls Earthquakes and storms, thus he is also given the nickname Earth Shaker.  His preferred dwelling place was the Island of Atlantis, an island that has long sunk due to the Great Deluge when the world was wiped out by a huge flood.  It was during these times when the Race of Atlantis was nearly wiped out.  Some fled to Egypt to build a civilization there.  Others fled to Central America to start the Mayan Civilization.  Still others were nearly killed in the flood when they were saved by the God of the Ocean, Poseidon, who save the Atlanteans by allowing them to live underwater in the new underwater realm of Atlantis.  It is the realm that so many seek after but none find, because for the sake of not being exploited, their entire civilization has been cloaked.  Unless you really know what you are doing, there is no finding them. 

During the time that Poseidon was saving the Atlanteans, he would also take their females down to the pits of the ocean.  I mean way down. The New Atlantis is so far down that humans wouldn't even be able to dream of traveling that far deep into the ocean.  They'd be crushed by the weight of the water.  With that being said, when Poseidon took these Atlantean girls under, it was even further deep than that.  But they were conditioned to exist in these conditions so it was okay.  Either way, he would sleep with the Atlanteans girls to satisfy his sexual pleasure.  When he did some of his seed would spill into the Ocean.  This seed, being as though it was of the gods, would then be fertilized by the energies of the Ocean, as this was Poseidon's domain.  This created the birth of a species of mermaids.  These mermaids had many powers but their first and foremost concern was for that of wealth.  They sought out wealth in any way they could.  The would raid sunken treasures, they would steal the wealth passersby when they weren't looking.  They'd even woo people into the sea to their death, just so they could take whatever wealth they had on their person.  They are the richest bunch of wealth mermaids that I have encountered to date; and I have the pieces that can create them. 

I got these pieces while on an investigation of the coast of Florida.  It actually had nothing to do with mermaids.  I was actually there on some type of business to do with the Bermuda Triangle.  That investigation was pretty much a bust, but while I was in a ship off the coast of Florida while everyone else was sleeping I began to hear these plops in the water.  At first I thought maybe it was just flying fish or something.  The plops began to get stronger upon which they were accompanied by faint singing.  My curiosity got the better of me and when I peer over the deck, I saw three or four female heads bobbing up and down in the water, throwing pieces of jewelry into the water.  This was when I saw one of them dive to fetch the jewelry that was thrown and I noticed that the lady in the water wasn't merely a human, but she was a mermaid.  When the spotted me they began to sing to me, I believe, in an attempt to lure me into the depths so they could rob me of whatever was in my pocket.  When I refused to be seduced, they became furious, as mermaids can have terrible tempers at times.  They began throwing pieces of jewelry at me and I was surprised they could throw that far, but apparently mermaids have pretty great strength.  They are the daughters of Poseidon, so it should come as no surprise. 

I kept the pieces of jewelry that they threw at me and later found out that they actually aren't just treasures, but they hold magical powers as well.   I'm not sure where these pieces are from and I'm not sure how old they are.  All I know is that they were touched by the wealth mermaids, these daughters of Poseidon.  Now, they hold all the wealth powers of the mermaids in them.  Whomever uses or wears this piece will be blessed with the fruition and materialization of wealth mermaids of not just Poseidon's daughters, but of the people of Atlantis as well.  Atlantis was renowned for its wealth and streets of gold.  Thus, there is double the wealth power in these items and it will summon the wealth to you in many different forms.  These forms will become clear to you when you begin using your pieces and you experience the wealth being laid at your feet, like these pieces were thrown at mine.  These pieces are economic explosions of wealth that will bring you any type of wealth that you wish to have and give it to you in the direct form of pure wealth! 

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