The Ectenic force is an energy that comes from a person that has the ability to make objects move through the use of the mind. The other thing this energy does is that it comes from spirits that are around us so maybe it is not so much coming from a medium as it is coming from spirits. The reason certain people can do this is because they tap into that power and energy from the other side.

This other side is always illuminated,there is never a darkness yet it is in their twilight,the end of the flesh. This piece here is absolutely gorgeous and in sterling silver. It is a moon faced bracelet and the way it is made creates that ebb and flow of otherside energy. Due to the spirits that worked directly with this piece to make it what it is today they also used a hidden object called the Durandal which is a magical sword used to grant wishes and spells.

The Durandal was called upon in the etheral world to touch upon the bracelet and give it a astral cord. This astral cord hooks it to all positive spiritual energies that would allow for the movement of objects,creation of objects,communication with spirits and the absorbtion of pure power from those that have it.

This too is one of s kind. Also if this piece goes into an evil place you will see all helll break loose because the evil run from this because of the power it holds. The power in this is much more because of how and where it was made.

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