10-10-1 The pictures your looking at are Egyptian Baptism into the ancient arts of shifting,time change,enlightenment. This is a very powerful piece. To use these items you would place a little salt water in the spoon and allow it to run down your forehead. After that you need to burn some incense.

What this does is to bring you into the most ancient arts left standing today. These ancient arts allowed those certain magicians to create and conjure anything they wanted. To gain wealth,heal sickness and create cross breeds of beings both astral and physical.

They could reach onto the other realms and pull from them or use the power of the mind that is often hidden in us.

This is a very powerful piece. This is an antique and you FEEL this power. This is the only one I have. The other went at bingo.

This movie is really getting on my last nerve. It's about these people in Alaska and they just keep screaming,idiots!
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