3-16-09 This is one you must have! I'm not kidding even if your not into anything Egyptian this is one you really need, your going to FEEL this one!

This piece is very old, an antique and it is made of glass and sterling silver. It was used by Tesla (yes this is true) and a few others.

The item is spirit inhabited but I can not give you the name. You will know it when you wear him. This item must be worn touching the skin. When you place him on it will begin to heat up and prophetic vision by way of wake visions and dream visions will happen.

Who was or is this spiritω

This spirit was the keeper of all knowledge both magical and other world. This means the alien technology, the visitors that came to help the Egyptians along with the Nephilim and the Pre-determined Star children. The magical ability is all that they knew but it was handed out to those that needed to know in order to accomplish something.

This item will also guide you to your past life as an Egyptian if you had one. This is not so important though as the magic and the knowledge is.

All power and all knowledge is given because the people of that time are now lost TO time. Only the spirits remain to guide you and give you what you need to know.

This item helped Tesla tremendously and look at all he did. Time travel is possible with this item as is contacting the alien life forms.
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