A lady claiming to be a "satellite archaeology researcher" has caught widespread media attention when she made claims that she found two possible pyramid complexes in Egypt using Google's Google Earth software. Experts have been quick to deny the possibilities saying that the finds are nothing more that eroded hills and a heavy dose of wishful thinking. It would be likely that the government would be so quick deny the possiblities of anything that might give way to further explanation to the complexities of the Old World civilizations. It seems that they want to keep all of these secret for themselves, while dulling and dumbing the minds of individuals that they refer to as everyday constituents. The fact of the matter is that governments are evil. Not all parts of all governments, but generally they are under evil influence whether they want to believe it or not. People garner their own selfish underlying reasons to withhold factual evidence from the general public; and such is the case with these new findings. Okay, well I will admit, these hills aren't ancient pyramids with burial tombs of famous, fallen Kings or Queens. However, they are markers and had anybody done a little bit of extra research outside of the the government telling them, "No way that's a pyramid," perhaps they would have realized what I'm about to tell you. These markers were strategically designed to mark the entrances to an underground network of tunnels and chambers that reaches throughout Europe and Asia. These networks correspond to such other esoteric strutcutres as the Egyptian Sphinx, the Bucegi Sphinx, sacred mountains in Asia, and ancient spirit fields in Russia. There are many more locations connected by these tunnels, but it would take me a while to list all of them. During an investigation into this transportation network, Adita says that while your in the tunnel time seems to stand still, as if when you enter the tunnel, time stops so that way when you emerge in your destination you haven't wasted any of your time. It's like a time barrier that exists, mapped out exactly to the ley lines of the Earth, which receive their energy from the Cosmic Conscious Life-force and the Space-Time Continuum. It comes as no surprise, then that this piece comes from a resting chamber that holds an ancient sanctuary deep beneath the surface of Earth, somehwere between Egypt and Far East. When you meditate with this piece, you will create a time tunnel of your own. You will be able to travel through this time tunnel back into time, to live as the ancient Egyptians lived. You will learn as the ancient Egyptians learned-- through magic, metaphysical principles, esotericism, and spiritual alchemy. It will enlighten your mind to all the magic and secrets of the ancient Egyptians. The best part? You get to bring all of it back with you!! This is the perfect piece for Egyptian history buffs who want to experience Egyptian lifestyles, even down to the construction of the Pyramids, first hand. we only have one of these and once it's gone, it's gone!
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