8-21-09 This is a very powerful and old vampire. He remembers before the flood.  He was killed before then and in spirit, always walking the earth and because of his age and ability it is easy for him to build form. This ring is for a male and in that time he was considered a giant. The size is a 10 and a half and is an antique. This ring was given to him back in the late 1800's as a form of travel so he would always be with his companion.

Not everyone is going to want this ring because he is not heteroie or homoie, he is neither. He can have sexual relations with you at his choice. You will NOT control him, in fact if that is what your into again please pass this one up.

Many will sell an item telling you that you have the control and you are a keeper and so on, not this vamp, no way, no how.

You do not control something of this age and experience.

What is good about him is he has dealt with all kinds of problems,is generous,holds a power that he is willing to share, can experience love with the right person and is loyal. His abilities make the most powerful creatures look dual in comparison.  He has no agenda and it what he is.

He is not a racist, nor does he have a sexual preference. His power goes beyond what a mind can comprehend.

What I have experienced with him is a trip to Egypt to watch the pyramids being built. YES! I did see this. What I saw were what looked like giant spirits with no skin building them. On the ground stood people that looked asleep. They were human. In a few I saw the spirit come out and grow as a giant and become large. When the spirit left they were sleeping.

I could hear him speak to me and he was saying,they know not what they are capable of! I asked him if I could do that tooω  He told me the time of the pyramids has passed but they were built because there is magic in the structure,the geometry. They are still active today but we are coming upon a new time.

The ring your looking at holds a blood red stone. You can not see it in the picture but that is the color of it.

This is a ring and a vampire you will never forget.
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