This piece was found some where in the Louisiana Bayou. There are a whole bunch of Ragin' Cajuns down there and they all do Voodoo.  They live like the aboriginals and the chances of you ever making an encounter with them are slim to none, simply because of the fact that they love to live in solitude.  They are wholly devoted to their magic and the reason their magic is so strong is because they have summoned the presence of Marie Laveau to teach them in her ways.  This piece was made by the Ragin' Cajuns and I call it Eight Spells-A-Casted it's red and green and looks like a Christmas ornament-- and you know how the song goes.  Either way, this piece really does 8 spells cast into by a powerful voodoo doctor from the Bayou-- 0ne for each skull that you see.  The 8 spells that you are receiving, that you can use with your own Voodoo rituals, are: 

1.) Spell of True Love-- self explanatory
2.) Spell of Wealth-- also self explanatory
3.) Spell of Sex-- gives you strong astral orgasms
4.) Spell of Wisdom-- gives you wisdom of all Voodoo Magic
5.) Spell of Longevity-- gives you a long life and if done right will give you immortality
6.) Spell of Health-- This will assure that you are always in good health
7.) Spell of Divinity-- this will give you the ability to see through the realms to communicate with the Gods and Goddesses
8.) Spell of Purity-- will cleanse your aura, soul, and karma to keep it squeaky Clean

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