Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that seeks to understand how the universe and creation unifies all things. It is considered the starting point of all form. There is a precise way that Creation organizes itself - every natural pattern of growth or movement can be seen to manifest within one or more geometric shapes. This bracelet encompasses circular, faceted cut stones.

We found this piece when we were getting our hair and nails done. I was getting a pedicure, enjoying the foot soak when sunlight shining in the window hit off this bracelet and instantly attracted me. I was like a dog, following the light with excitement. This was being worn by a socialite who was getting her hair done. I needed to approach her.

I knew I had some time because she was in rollers, so after my pedicure was finished I went over and sat down next to her and starting my charming ways. I guess being gay I am just naturally lovable, she was smitten by me and I soon had the bracelet in my hands to inspect it. I draped it over my wrist and couldn't believe the beauty and then felt the power that it held. I made Deedee feel the power because I was amazed by the intense feelings that went through me.

Deedee and I started talking to the woman about the powers in the piece, she was skeptical, yet worried... she was afraid to have such a powerful piece and so we made her an offer and purchased the piece. Only after having it and testing the bracelet did we realize the intense feeling came over us because this piece has astral projection power. Astral projection is the ability to spiritually separate from your body and travel vast distances with the mind alone.

The essence of these stones illuminate from the bracelet and is the projection light that shines to help guide you in your travels. You will love the ability to travel and learn this isn't a daydream; it is real. Your body will remain, but your mind and spirit will travel. This is a great escape that only you will know about -- wear this bracelet at work and tune into the powers.... we all need a break and you will gain knowledge and intuitiveness while using the astral projection power! It works fast and well even for the dumbest which we know because we tried it on Aaron who is a psycho nut and like a block head. He travelled far and wide in it and Dee Dee even had astral sex with someone of who I won't mention. You don't mention it to her either. She never checks these. That woman is a horn dog!

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