Everybody knows that the Bible is written in code.  It's not big secret.  The secret is how to figure out what exactly that code is.  Then the issue arises that there is more than one code with which the Bible is written.  The Bible, in and of itself, it a very complicated text written in patterns and secret codes and in ways that only the studied prophet can understand.  Then, there is still a level of secrecy for those who are the elect of God.  They are the chosen ones who are designed specifically to understand all of his secrets.  They hold a specific gene that is built in at birth or under very special circumstances can be obtained by an already born mortal.   
It is upon this principle that the Order of the Eastern Star was founded.  It was founded by one Rob Morris, who on paper is a lawyer and educator.  Unofficially, he is a teacher of esoteric truth that he learned while studying with Kabbalah monks who took refuge in the Pyrenees mountains in France.  You can't find this out by reading history books, so we had to do a little bit of digging to find this out.  Good thing we have connections.  
Ladies, this is the closes thing to "girls night" that we are ever going to have, so if you've been looking for a piece that is specifically for you, then this is the one.  THe Order of the Eastern Star, despite that fact that it does allow some males to join, is primarily a sorority.  Their facade is that any woman can join that is somehow connected to a Master Mason, i.e. wife, sisElter, widow, daughter, or mother.  The only men allowed to "join" this league of women were the ones through whom the women were associated with the Masonic Lodge.  Their astounding 500,000 members serves as nothing more than confuse the real intent of the group, which is to become the "elect", the mortals chosen by God to become not simply mortals buy goddesses.  
The group "celebrates" five chose goddesses, which is their way of saying they worship five goddesses.  Ironically, these goddesses are ones that appear in the Bible, not as goddesses, but as mortal women.  They are Adah (Jephtath's daughther from the Book of Judges), Ruth, Esther, Martha sister of Mary and Lazarus, and Electa.  Elect who?  Well, the truth is that nobody really knows who she is.  This is because there have been many "electas" over the years.  If you are a sci-fi fan then you will know what I mean when I say it kind of works like Dr. Who.  There is no one specific Electa.  Rather, this is power that is bestowed upon specific mortal women who are sacred enough to receive the entire knowledge of God.  
She is referenced by the Apostle John in his second book, when he says, "The Elder to the elect lady and her children, whom I love in truth." He is referring to himself as the Elder and the "elect" as the woman who has received this special touch from God.  This individual is to remain in secret as to not be a.) sought after for persecution b.) have her powers stolen from her.  Thus, her identity is not revealed and has not been revealed.  The Order of the Eastern Star is a secret sisterhood who, with the guidance of "elders" or Master Masons, protect the identity and sacred powers of the elect, or Electa.
This magic that has been passed down to Electa changes hands over the course of time.  When one Electa become to old, her powers are passed down to the next Electa, the identity of whom God reveals in a vision to the current Electa.  It's kind of like a Pope, I guess, if that would make more sense to you.  The Electa, however, is much, much more powerful than the Pope.  She is a mortal who has been given the special ability to be transformed into one of the chose people.  This gives her the special genome by God that allows her to see through His eyes and known all that He knows.  She will be able to read the Book of Life and eat from the Tree of Knowledge.  She will see into the Ark of the Covenant and Drink from the Holy Grail, because that is what God has in store for those he has chosen. This gives Electa the ability to create any white light power that she chooses to create.  She can grant wishes, she controls all matter.  She can vanquish evil with the utterance of a word and she can create angels with the look of an eye.  In fact, there isn't anything she CAN'T do, because until Jesus Christ comes back, she's God on Earth.  
Why is this relevant?  We have an item that will pass on, to one lucky lady, the ability to become a duplicate Electa.  Truth be told, this piece can also be used by a man.  It's pretty much neutral as far as gender goes.  This will give you all the powers of the Electa, as I have just pointed them out to you.  This is definitely a once in a lifetime chance and opportunity.  We will not have another one like this.  Ever. 
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