Jesus and his disciples certainly made up the perfect bakers' dozen, didn't they?  They are the eptiome of holy.  God entrusted Jesus with his powers.  Jesus further entrusted these powers to his twelve holy helpers, whom he called Apostles.  The Apostles were hand picked by Jesus, to become fishers of men.  He read the heart and soul of each man for a particular purpose.  12 is the perfect number, and even after Judas Isacariot betrayed Jesus, Matthias took his place as the twelfth disciple of Christ.  These apostles spent every last waking moment with Ejsus, for the most part.  They were Jesus' best friends and confidants.   They seen a side of him that nobody else will ever see becasue Jesus shared with them the secrets of the world.  He also gave them each a separate, secret prophecy that at the beginning of the End of Ages will be shared with the masses. It isn't written in the Bible.  I guess that's something that they decided to leave out at the Council of Trent.  Imagine that. 

This piece holds 12 sacred white light orbs in the form of bracelet.  Each one of them holds the energy to summon a different one of the 12 Apostles of Christ.  They will come to you to share their prophecy with you.  I have test this piece and I know that this piece is a real eye opener.  Obviously, I'm not going to get into what exactly these prophecies are because I don't want to spoil the secret for you.  Besides, even if I did attempt to describe these prophecies to you in human language, you wouldn't understand.  This piece opens your mind in a way that will allow you to view the prophecy as if you were actually there.  I want to call it a day dream, but I don't think that's even all too accurate.  To understant, you have to use the item.   I can tell you that you won't be disappointed! 

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