This is an Emere and she is 13 years old. Very powerful,very sensitive and intuitive. An Emere is a human child that became lost in the dimension of the afterlife. These are children that can travel back and forth between worlds. Many times these are children you hear about on the news. They become lost and never found again. I hesitate to place these on because it may offend some but the website is about bringing you the strange and the unusual.

These children are highly intelligent and can use all parts of the brain. This gives them full ability. They are neither here nor there as far as a plane of existence. They reach various ages and one day just stay vanish. These children are very active and pass on the ability they have to you through touch. They know what is on the other side and become even more powerful once staying there for a while. Technically they are NOT dead,just constantly moving through an existence that is unknown to us.

This girls name is Miranda it is a name she has taken on when she became an Emere. Her real name will be given to you if you want it but Miranda is what she wishes to be called. A good home for her would be with other adults or girls her own age that are intelligent or in need of protection.
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