Enchanted Healers

This that you see below may seem like normal accessory; but before you put it on you must know the powers that have been captured in the piece that you see below are very primitive in nature. It comes from South America, which, if you didn’t know, is a place that is known for its magical shamanistic powers. Quite a few of these shamans have been dismissed as fraudulent. However, if you really dig deep, you will be able to find authentic shaman healers that used nothing but the power that was given to them.

This power was afforded to them by the gods and has been bestowed only into certain bloodlines. These bloodlines can be found in various tribes in the South America, but if you want to find a legitimate source of power, you must really search. This is what we did. We commissioned the locals to show us where to find authentic, nitty-gritty locals that still practiced the ancient customs of the elders. Once we did, we knew we had hit the jackpot.

We visited with a particular tribe for approximately a week, learning their culture and customs. We met and held council with a shaman that is from the original bloodline of the very first shaman who was enchanted with healing powers from the gods.

These powers have been known to achieve such physical miracles as wholly removing physical and cosmetic ailments on the human body. These ailments include disfigurations, distortions of physical features, physical illnesses and more. What most people do NOT know, is that these powers that were given to the shamans can achieve much more success in spiritual elements than they can on the physical plain.

After a week of staying with the Tribe, we received divination from the shaman. He agreed to enchant the items that you see below, just as long as we agreed to pass on the gifts to others who need some help.

The magic contained within makes for FULL spiritual healing. I mean, it will cleanse the deepest part of your spiritual being, including your aura, your chakras, and the your spiritual zones. The pieces will clear your karma and clear you of any and all negative energies that may be encompassing your existence. They will shield you from future assailments from anything dark or negative.

This magic will work with any type of spiritual transformation process, exorcism, rite of passage, or any other spiritual ceremony. It will combine the magic found in the elements and blessed by the gods, to elevate your existence to its highest capacity. The intention is to keep your existence elevated and promote spiritual and astral health. This piece will open your mind and allow you have astral experiences that you have never experienced before. There is no telling what you will be able to accomplish with these powers.

This piece will also act as an intercessory power that will go to the gods and beg for blessing on your behalf. You will be given these blessings as long as you are living in accordance to the balance of nature. The gods will understand you and shed their gifts upon you. They will give you the abilities associated with their ancient magic and practical craft. This piece is very powerful.
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