Enchanted Serum <br /><br />

Hundreds of years ago an angel by the name of Sephoria was wandering through an enchanted land.  This land was known for containing plants, flowers, and waters that possessed magical, healing properties that were only able to be found by those with a pure and true heart.  Sephoria was the only one who knew not only how to locate these powerful properties but also how to mix them together in order to create powerful serums.  Sephoria created her spectacular serums and stored them in viles.  This vile contains the last of Sephoria’s secret serum.  It has been passed on for hundreds of years by people who did not know the true power held within the vile.  The holder of this serum possesses in her hands the key to radiant beauty and the glow of youth.<br /><br />

The serum is amazing and the bottle is magnificent; the bottle is blissful and full of positive energy -- it constantly rejuvinates its contents, so even after the serum is all, you can filter plain water into an empowered enzyme formula that will help with youth and prosperity.<br /><br />

I used a small vial of this serum when I tested it and my face became toned and firm and I felt refreshed and awakened when it was placed sparingly in my T-zone!    <br /><br />

The bottle is amazing and it alone, after the serum is gone, will send energies of majestic blessings into your home and help purify your life~!



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