These fairies come from the enchanted woods of Gretna. We located this place on accident when one of our employees sister kept saying her toys were coming to life. We usually would not believe her but since we had heard things we decided to check it out since she was to young to have heard these stories.

What we found was amazing! We don't know if the cave we found that is inhabited by astral witches is what causes it or if the woods are a different entity or even if they picked those woods because of what it can do. It's almost like Tuck Everlasting of the paranormal world.

These fairies are real in that they hold a living fairy. They came to life in the woods as all things left out there or played with out there do.

To make sure everyone understands these the fairies really did fly and move and spoke. The wings however are mechanical and NOT paranormal. There is a switch that lets the wings fly as these are toy fairies.

The flying and power is real the wings you make move yourself. Each one comes with a connecting piece that gives you gifts according to your level. If bought for a child they will be naturally generated into the ability they can handle. You will not get to pick the Fairy as they will pick you along with the power. I know I have one that is waiting to give Godly light and prophesy,one that does full psychic ability and one that gives all kinds of gifts. There are plenty more. Some of the items that come with them are pendants,bracelets and rings.

You will love these and they also stand on their own and will show you that the paranormal is very real. We have pictures coming of the cave soon and the witches items will also be up maybe this week.
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