We didn’t want to be partial, so we also ordered another type  of sex spirit.  Again, our sex spirit comes from our partners in Delaware who run a clinic that specializes in sex magic.  The clinic guarantees all of their products.  As always, the products are guaranteed to be clean and renewed.  The products are also all guaranteed to work properly, as they say they will.  This spirit will help you achieve a maximum level of arousal and desire... we promise. <br /><br />

This spirit takes on the form of a gorgeous, young man who resembles the sex gods themselves.  In fact, sporting his chiseled abs, and massive, bulging biceps, he will easily be mistaken for Dionysus, Greek sex god himself.  However, he is not Dionysus, his name is Evan Longfellow.  He has spiky blond hair and hazel-green eyes that seem to stare deep within your soul.  Ladies (and men as sex spirits don’t take preference), Evan is a hot short order cook,  ready to serve up some sizzling sex at a moments notice.<br /><br />

Now, Evan is a very special sex god, as his specialty is bondage.  He loves being tied up and will let you spank him like the naughty boy he is.  They say size doesn’t matter, but as I can surely say that it’s not an issue either.  We’ll just say that this wiener is definitely bun-length, and is sure to satisfy even the most ravishing sexual appetite. <br /><br />

In addition, when Evan visits you in the night to deliver the most extraordinary orgasm you’ve ever experienced, he isn’t coming empty handed... no pun intended.  When you partake of each other, Evan will pass on the ability of automatic writing.  You will be given the exclusive privilege of communicating with the spirit world, and thus, acting as a oracle between their plane and ours. <br /><br />

This can help you invite other spirits to have sex with you -- and a few testers showcased in their notes spirit orgies! This is great for women and men, no matter your sexual preference~<br /><br />


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