We are all energy. We can begin with the scientific reality that we are all made up of energy. In fact, everything is. Your body, your computer, your desk, the air, the solar system, the universe and everything in it is made up of nothing more than energy that manifests in different forms.

Everything consists of vibrating strings of energy, and it is how these strings vibrate that determines what it is: a hydrogen atom, a hydra, a hydrant or a human.

Let’s consider humans. It is my contention (and I’m sure not mine alone) that each human has her or her own unique vibrational frequency. And I’m not just talking about our physical makeup; more importantly this refers to our consciousness.

Each conscious mind has a unique frequency. (This may not be a literal frequency as we understand the frequency of radio waves, for example, but the term can be used as an analog for what our unique signatures are.)

In this “frequency portal,” each of our individual frequencies is part of the great cosmic whole of frequencies. Our individual frequencies all share the same “air space.” In this way, we are all directly connected to the universe and to each other.

Perhaps we can think of it in terms of a great symphony that has a limitless range of notes (or frequencies, since that is what musical notes are). The universe and all it contains is the symphony, and each conscious mind is a unique note in that symphony. In fact, every thing is a unique note in the symphony, but let’s focus on the human experience.

Life has so many obstacles and issues of negative appeal that people lose their connection to their natural frequencies... which in turn makes them vulnerable for attack from evil forces and also will block them from any kinetic experiences with the paranormal.

We tapped into the portal and ignited new energies to infuse into this piece. The energies will equip you with the fundamental gains to expel any, and all, blockages and allow you to have a direct connection again to your natural frequencies, energies and powers.

This will help you to understand your own natural abilities and the powers in which you were born with!! No other powers you obtain will be as strong as what you were instilled with at birth --- and now you have the key to open the box to them... as for many they are buried deep down inside!

Generate a forceful appeal and open up the possibilities to take advantage of your empowering energies, with this incredible item~!!

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