ET phone… Earth?

To the untrained, uncertain mind, aliens may resemble little green space men in silver space suits, donning phaser rifles, running amok, and trying to abduct the human kind for cruel experiments. Although there is plenty of room for more discovery, the aliens most prevalent to co-existence with humankind deserves a better portrayal. In fact, aliens from other dimension have been living among us, assisting our kind with medical and scientific research and discoveries. Actually, the earliest documented cooperative projects go back as far as 1995. The aliens are harmless and perform alternative healing methods in private clinics across the world, most markedly in Israel.

How then, has this alien race managed to keep their identity concealed for such a long period of time? The aliens exist in a different realm entirely. That being said, the aliens are invisible to the human eye with the exception of some psychics and those who are able to communicate with them telepathically. The aliens can, however, disclose their presence to whomever they choose, which is why a small circle of doctors have been able to collaborate with the aliens. The aliens spacecraft are entirely cloaked and their equipment is invisible, unless they deem it satisfactory to reveal it otherwise. In this manner, the aliens have been able to diffuse widespread pandemonium and hysteria. There have been a few rebellious individuals or accidents, thus causing UFO sightings, crop circle, etc , but in general the aliens are good at shielding their existence when they need to.

The point at hand, then, is that these aliens are not a violent species at all. Rather they are quite the contrary, not needing to abduct Earthlings for experiments, as there are plenty of them willing to undergo these foreign procedures within the extraterrestrials’ circle of contacts. Naturally, I was extremely curious as to what was going on. After a few calls, I had a source who happened to know where one of these extraterrestrial alternative procedures clinics was located, and after extensive questioning, obtaining permission, and signing disclosure forms, I was allowed to pay a visit.

I was welcomed warmly and told that the only way Id be allowed to actually visit with our other-worldly friends was to undergo a minor, irreversible procedure that would open up my mind and give me the ability to see beings from other realms. I agreed and was instructed by the nurse to follow her into a room that was void of anything except her, myself, and a beaker. The beaker’s content was seal with a rubber stopper and she instructed me to drink it’s contents. I obliged and soon my body was overcome by a tremendous strenuous feeling, like the world was closing in on me. I began coughing and vomiting. I worried in the back of my mind if this was just a ploy to get me here so they could suck the soul out of my body and discard my flesh-- or maybe eat it. My could feel the thump-thump-thumping of my throbbing temples. My sight turned a hazy crimson color and my world began to spin in circle. Then, there was a blinding flash of white light and as quickly as it began, it was all over.

Standing in front of me (of course I didn’t know it until now) was the clinic’s team of extraterrestrial surgeons. The room was actually filled with all kinds of gadgets-- instruments for which I have no names. These peculiar items were exclusively extraterrestrial, as I have never seen anything like them before. The aliens themselves were very tall, with bodily features of monstrous proportions. I realized that, had they wanted to, the aliens could have me for dinner… probably in one gulp!! The aliens were very kind, gentle beings, however; they answered many questions. The most obvious question was, “Where are you from, and how did you get here?” They patiently explained that they are from a different parallel universe and had to work very hard to develop technology to arrive in our realm and on our planet. They explained that humankind has one of the least advanced realms and civilizations they have ever encountered. This is why they are here, to help us grow; however, the human mind in it’s current state, isn’t able to comprehend such concepts, which is why the aliens cover-up their existence.

The aliens and I had a lengthy, documented conversation, at the end of which they provided me the object you notice above and a few others similar to it. The piece you see above will alter your inter-dimensional perception. It serves as an advanced reconnaissance mechanism. It will open up the dimension of the many universes that exist parallel to our own. You will gain the insight of these dimensions and you will be able to encounter their beings, such as these alien doctors. The piece acts a tele-portal that will not only allow the individual in its possession the ability to see into the extraterrestrial dimensions, but actually physically transfer himself or herself there. It will also allow for the individual the ability of time travel, within our own dimension and others. As time is rarely aligned from dimension to dimension, this a great feature... it will ensure you do not get lost.

Please keep in mind that a great measure of responsibility goes along with this piece, as it is quite possible to cause intergalactic war if it is handled maliciously or inappropriately. Also, the possessor is cautioned to used the piece at his or her own discretion, as there are many, many dimensions and different astral realms in these dimensions. However, if you exercise the appropriate caution, extraterrestrial discovery doesn’t even BEGIN to describe the possibilities exhibited by this item.

This stone has been placed into a pin setting, we have put a tie tack backing on it so a man can use it daily when wearing business attire for work, or can be used as a pin on any garment for a man or woman --- The allure of this piece is amazing; people will compliment you and want to know where you got it; remember to be cautious with letting others know the pieces abilities ~ you must have responsibility to get glorification from this piece!

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