Eukaryotic Cell Awakening We have multiples of these items. We have made them with help from Tomer and shine, with whom we recently gathered with on an astral plane for some help with these items and some others. These particular items hold a special type of psychic energy and ability. All humans are born with types of cells that are known as Eukaryotic Cells. These are the cells that influence and allow psychic ability. These cells are often found in plants and animals as well. It's why animals such as dogs and cats have a "sixth sense". People who have psychic abilities have found ways to unlock factions of these cells to perform the gift that they have been born with. However, if you have been unsuccessful, or finding your own Euckaryotic Cell Awakening has been difficult for you, don't fret!! These items have been hand crafted by Tomer and Shine and given an extreme energy that will let you pinpoint your own Eukaryotic Cells and activate them. Your piece will actually do this for you automatically. The only thing that you must do is physically wear the item that you receive. It will enhance the psychic energy flow and open up your psychic ability, taking it full throttle. Using this energy, you will be able to connect psychically by hearing a voice or touching something. For example, if you pick up a wallet that you've never seen before you will be able to see where that wallet has been, gaining psychic connections with everyone who has ever had anything to do with that wallet. Similarly, if you touch some body's headstone, you will gain a psychic connection to the spirit that it belongs to and you will know all about them, down to the way they died and the last minutes of their life. Additionally, this piece allows you to psychically hear. This means you will be able to hear a person's voice and gain an immediate psychic connection to them. You will be able to "see" into their brain to know their thoughts and intentions, such as if somebody is lying or not. Don't worry you won't go around invading every one's head automatically, or touching everything and receiving visions. You can turn these abilities on and off whenever you want to, on free will. YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE OF THE SEVEN ITEMS SHOWN. NOTE: THE BUDDHA PICTURE ACTUALLY COUNTS AS THREE SEPARATE ITEMS.
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