Fort Bhangarh sits on a hillside in the town of Bhangarh located in Rajasthan, India. A wizard, in an attempt to entice the princess, became a victim of his own sorcery.  A year later, everyone was killed, even the princess. Today, it stands deserted and is believed to be one of the most haunted places in the world.  Many tourists who visit report a strange feeling in the air around Bhangarh, which causes symptoms of anxiety and restlessness.
Bhangarh was once a prosperous town with over 10,000 houses.  It was established in 1613 by Madho Singhia, a tantric and practitioner of black magic. Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh was the most gorgeous woman in all of Rajasthan.  At the age of 18 she began to receive offers of marriage from the nobility in other regions. Singh was quite smitten by the beautiful princess but knew the king would never even allow them to meet. One day Singhia saw the princess' maid in the market and used his black magic to cast a spell on some oil she was purchasing for her Highness.  Upon touching it, the princess would surrender herself to him sexually. The princess, however, seeing the wizard cast his spell, foiled the plan.  As she poured the oil onto the ground, it struck a stone, turning it into a boulder, which immediately rolled at Singhia crushing him. In his dying breath, he cursed the palace with a spell, "death to all who dwell in it and their souls will be forced to roam." The next year there was a fierce battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh in which all were killed, even Princess Ratnavati perished. Legends says that there are spirits in Bhangarh and that is why entry is prohibited in the fort after sunset and before sunrise.  People from the area believe that Princess Ratnavati has been reincarnated and that the fort and the Empire of Bhangarh are waiting for her return to put an end to the curse.
On a recent expedition, an amazing discovery was made!  Dee Dee talked with several people from the area around Bhangarh.  They shared little know secrets about Princess Ratnavati, as all of their ancestors had lived there and their history and culture was passed down from generation to generation.  It seems that the Princess was also skilled in black magic!  Remember how the stone was transformed into a boulder?  She cast a powerful spell that overcame Singhia's magic and used it against him.  We believe to have uncovered the source of the Princess' powers!
All Royals have family jewels.  This is believed to be the last remaining piece of Princess Ratnavati's family jewels.  A wise, old man and an elder of a neighboring village showed us this piece and told us that all the Princess' powers came from this!
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