Depending on how you look at this it will show purple or blue and it looks like wings. Just like people,it all depends on how you look at them. This is a Wengwa,which is a corpse that walks around like a living person. The only way you can tell them from the living is if you have the ability to see an aura. If you don't you would never know. a person who is close to being on the other side,meaning heaven or just moving to another realm or one that has a purity of soul will have a light purple to light blue aura. This rimg does a couple of things. For one it will help in adjusting the aura,keep you away from sociapathic people by letting you KNOW who they are. It will also keep you away from those that are dead inside. Now I know that many would think that this may not be something needed but you are way WRONG!! Do you know how many sociapathic people there are? TONS! Did you know that they can infiltrate your life,destroy your business,cause havoc in the work place,prevent promotions,cause family issues,spew gossip,and much mental anguish. I'm about positive you know someone just like this. Prevention is the best medicine.

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