Excuse me, your wings are showing-<br /><br />

I received a phone call from a frantic priest one day.  The priest informed me that he thought his parish was haunted, but he wasn’t sure, because he had always been taught that what God says is final. There are no mentions of any hauntings in the Bible, therefore it simply couldn’t be true.  <br /><br />
Long story short, we ran several tests on his parish and came up with this bracelet which the priest was unable to identify. <br /><br />
The week after, still nobody had claimed ownership over the bracelet, so we began to do some research.  After running extensive tests, with the help of several parishioners, we have been able to determine the bracelet was a modern gift left by Saint Barnabas the Apostle.<br /><br />
He had visited their church and wanted to remind them that they were doing a fantastic job and to keep up the good work.  He also wanted to encourage them to keep their faith through thick and thin.<br /><br />
As an emblem of God’s undying love for his people, St. Barnabas, whose birth name was actually Cyprus and means, “ Son of encouragement and consolation,” bestowed upon them the bracelet. <br /><br />
The bracelet holds the exclusive power and ability of communicating with the angels ranking as high as the cherubim and seraphim.  You will have the ability to receive special visions sent by  the Trinity, as well as the Saints and the Blessed Virgin herself.<br /><br />
This piece will excel your unity of belief and bless you with glory -- very cool, modern style that will make no one the wiser of your empowered adornment!<br /><br />
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