Exert the Waste

Many of us are retaining water and unwanted waste. There are times when you get blocked up and think taking a laxative, or drinking prune juice will help... and it will maybe unblock so you can have a bowel movement -- however the cavity of your stomach is still lined with pounds of waste!

Years ago I had issues with this and went to the Emergency Room because not only could I not go #2, but I was then not able to pee. I did not know what was going on, so I went in and I was just that blocked up that it was affecting other parts of my body.

Now here is where the crazy part comes in --- After getting a magic silver bullet and some concocted drink, I was finally able to cleanse and I as bound to the bathroom for hours!

After which I lost 12 lbs. of waste -- so CRAZY!

I had many discussions about this occurrence and we were able to have this piece conjured, which will implode the layers of waste lining your insides and allow you to have a full impaired cleansing which will relinquish those unwanted and undesirable pounds in your mid section~!!

Great piece to be offered on the first day of summer.

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